Foundation for Peace speaks at European Foundation for Democracy

February 11, 2014 | Nick Taylor

The Foundation for Peace will be meeting the European Foundation for Democracy in Brussels today to discuss how we build trust with vulnerable communities susceptible to radicalisation.

The European Foundation for Democracy is a non-profit organisation dedicated to upholding Europe’s fundamental principles of individual freedom and equality of all citizens, regardless of their gender, ethnic background or religion.

At the dawn of the 21st century, these principles are being challenged by a number of factors, among them rapid social change as a result of high levels of immigration from cultures with different customs, a rise in intolerance on all sides, an increasing sense of a conflict of civilisations, and the growing influence of radical, extremist ideologies worldwide.

They work with grassroots activists, media, policy experts and government officials throughout Europe to identify constructive approaches to address these challenges.

Kelly Simcock from the Foundation will be speaking about her experiences of community engagement, at a session attended by delegates from across Europe and Embassy officials from countries such as Somalia, Jordan, Bahrain, Israel, Indonesia, Afghanistan and many others.

Other speakers include  Marie-­‐Ange Balbinot, Head of Sector, Radicalisation, DG HOME, European Commission, speaking about Radicalisation Communication, Jean-­‐Pierre Devos, part of the EU Radicalisation network, on police and community engagement experience, Nasser Weddady, Director of Outreach at the American Islamic Congress, on experiences of outreach and working with vulnerable communities susceptible to radicalisation in the US and Frederique Windhorst, Municipality of Amsterdam, on comparisons of radicalisation outreach work in New York City and Amsterdam.