Foundation co Chairs European Union’s Radicalisation Awareness Network in Prague

February 12, 2014 | Nick Taylor

13th and 14th February – the Foundation is in Prague capital of the Czech Republic to co Chair the European Union’s Radicalisation Awareness Network.  

The network meeting entitled ‘From Hate to Violence’ will explore the relationship between hate groups and movements towards violent extremism, especially at a local level.

The meeting will look into the relationship between hate speech and hate crimes, violent groups and violent extremism and examine what EU member states on different levels (national, community, Non Governmental Organisations) can and need to do in order to prevent and manage this growing phenomenon.

Starting from a Central and Eastern European perspective, the meeting will be broadened to include developments and challenges in other parts of Europe.

The outcomes of the meeting will be used to formulate both policy recommendations for member states and the European Commission as well as providing practical suggestions for practitioners.

Kelly Simcock from the Foundation for Peace & Péter Krekó director at the Political Capital Institute in Hungary will Chair the meeting and speakers include Joanna Goodey from the Fundamental Rights Group and input from Petra Papiežová Vejvodová – Czech experiences, Pavol Draxler – Slovakian experiences, Lamprini Rori – Greek situation.

The event will also hear presentations on what governments can do and are doing. Daniel Milo will talk about the Slovakian national perspective and government responses, Marc Coester about the German experience on prevention of hate speech and what lessons could be of value for other countries. Frances Jones, from the UK Special Interest Group, will talk about innovative ways to deal with tensions around and between groups in communities. Bernard Rorke from Hungary, will pose the question: What are the opportunities and lessons for NGO’s and activists?

The event is part of a series forming the EU RAN – Radicalisation Awareness Network For more information –                         

EU Radicalisation Awareness Network