London 7/7 memorial

Families and survivors gather at Hyde Park memorial to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the 7th July 2005 (7/7) London bombings

July 5, 2014 | Nick Taylor

A commemoration ceremony will take place on the 9th anniversary of the attacks on London – Monday 7th July and a minutes silence will be observed in memory of those who lost their lives, those injured and those affected by the bombings.

The ceremony, organised by The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace and families and survivors of the attacks will take place at the 7/7 memorial in Hyde Park on Monday 7th July commencing at 12:00.


Located in the south east corner of Hyde Park, the memorial is just north of Achilles to the east of Lovers Walk. The memorial comprises 52 stainless steel pillars (stelae), collectively representing each of the 52 victims, grouped together in four inter-linking clusters reflecting the four locations of the incidents.



Members of the public will join the families where, after a minute’s silence Susan Verghese, Jacqui Putnam, Sudhesh Dahad, Jeff Porter and Mick Ellis will speak about their experiences.

The names of all those who died in the bombings will be read aloud by Tim Coulson. (see notes for backgrounds).

The 150-strong Rock Choir will perform five songs at the event. The ceremony will close with the laying of flowers.

Speaking of the event, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: ‘London will never forget the 52 people who lost their lives in the tragic events of July 7 2005. We pay tribute to the survivors of the bombings and the heroic individuals who come to their aid. As we honour all those affected by this horrific act, neither will this city give in to those who would try to divide us.’

Jo Dover from the Foundation said: “We need to remember and respect those who lost their lives and those whose lives have changed forever following the horrific events of that day. “We are privileged to support the families and survivors to organise this event, as part of our wider work in supporting victims of terrorism and conflict.”

Jacqui Putnam, who survived the explosion on the Edgware Road train said: “What are we, and what will we have become, if we forget the most important things about the people who died on 7/7, or in any terrorist activity? They are not statistics, but people with families, children, friends and lovers. As long as I live, I will remember them.”

London Fire Brigade Deputy Assistant Commissioner Mick Ellis was Incident Commander at Tavistock Square. He said: “Like everyone else who was touched by them, the events of 7 July 2005 will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’m honoured to have been asked to represent the London Fire Brigade at Monday’s memorial event and it will mean an enormous amount for me to be there. For myself it will be a chance to reflect on the events of that day nine years ago, to honour those who lost their lives and to show their friends and families that they are still in our thoughts.”

Event Location: 7thJuly 2005 Memorial, Hyde Park, London.


Time: 12.00pm to 1.30pm.

A media area will be available. Some people affected by the bombings will be available for interviews prior to the day, on the morning and after the event. Please contact the Foundation to arrange interviews.

Media enquiries: Foundation for Peace: HQ Warrington Cheshire: Nick Taylor on 07846 426580 London 4th to 7th July and during ceremony: Jo Dover on 07741 486730.

Please confirm your attendance and requirements to

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace is the organiser of the ceremony, inaugurated by Colin and Wendy Parry following the death of their 12-year-old son Tim and 3-year-old Johnathan Ball after the IRA bombed Warrington in 1993. The Foundation supports people affected by political violence, conflict and acts of terror to help them to make positive contributions to peace in their own communities and beyond.  The Mayor of London has committed to funding the Foundation to organise the memorial event for the 9th and 10th anniversaries.

The Rock Choir volunteered 150 members to perform at this event. Rock Choir has achieved a fantastic reputation in the UK for its sophisticated teaching techniques, unique style and the feel-good experience it gives its members. It supports local communities and raises money for charities through performances and events.

Speakers on the day: • Susan Verghese, survivor from the Kings Cross/Russell Square train • Sudhesh Dahad, survivor from the Kings Cross/Russell Square train • Jacqui Putnam, survivor from the Edgware Road train • Jeff Porter, driver of the second train caught in the explosion at Edgware Road • Mick Ellis, Incident Commander at Tavistock Square and current Deputy Assistant Commissioner for London Fire Brigade • Tim Coulson, known as the ‘Angel of Edgware Road’

The memorial: A permanent memorial to honour the victims of the 7 July 2005 London Bombings was unveiled in Hyde Park by Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, in a ceremony attended by senior political figures and the families of the 52 killed, on the fourth anniversary of the disaster, Tuesday 7 July 2009. Constructed from solid-cast, long-lasting stainless steel, each stelae measures 3.5 metres high and is unique, with individual characteristic finishes brought about by the casting process. Visitors can walk around and through the memorial, reading inscriptions marking the date, time and locations of the bombings placed on each of the stelae as they pass. A stainless steel plaque listing the names of the victims is sited on a grass bank at the far eastern end of the memorial.