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Display of London 7/7 bombing rucksack ‘traumatising’ – Foundation speaks to the BBC

October 10, 2015 | Nick Taylor

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace was asked to comment to BBC London about a planned exhibition being staged in the capital that will carry ‘replica rucksacks’ the same as used in the London bombings in 2005. The BBC report is as follows:

BBC London News Online – Display of London 7/7 bombing rucksack ‘traumatising’

What we actually said in our written statement was as follows:

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace manages the national Survivors Assistance Network (SAN) that assist victims and survivors of terrorism including many people affected by the London bombings.

Terry O’Hara, the manager of the service said: “we are aware of the planned exhibition and have liaised with the Metropolitan Police and using our network have communicated what is happening and how the exhibits will be managed.

“Survivors and those affected by terrorism, perhaps uniquely amongst victims, have suffered attacks that are intended ultimately to harm society.

“Owing to the nature of the attack, terrorism victims can be under public scrutiny and often have a much greater need for social recognition and respectful treatment. They are often at risk of re-victimisation and develop long-term physical and psychological needs for assistance in their lives.

“Anniversaries, using public transport, media reports and indeed art and exhibitions like this can be distressing. In this Case we are working with the Metropolitan Police to ensure the people we assist are fully informed of what is planned and to support them if they are concerned or upset.”

Anyone affected by this exhibition or by any act of terrorism or political violence can contact the Survivors Assistance Network, a free and confidential service, on 01925 581 240 or e-mail SAN@foundation4peace.org or via Twitter @survivors4P or www.foundation4peace.org