The Cost of Peace and the Price of Extremism, 20 March 2013, Warrington

Exactly twenty years to the day of the Warrington bombing, the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace is hosting a conference to explore ‘The Costs of Peace and the Price of Extremism’. This conference will see key speakers explore and debate the economic and social risks posed to civil society by violent extremism. The Foundation is using this conference to call upon leading thinkers in the country, to come together to consider one of the greatest challenges facing civil society and to discuss practical solutions.

A conference report has been produced in an attempt to illustrate the broad financial impact of violent extremism and terrorism on society.  This paper does not, and could not, attempt to put a price on the human suffering caused by violent extremism and restricts its findings to published figures from a variety of sources detailing costs arising from known attacks. 

This report puts forward a credible business case for supporting the long-term work of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace as the charity represents a sound investment and has the ability to offset some of the future ‘costs of peace’.

For the full conference report click here.

The timeline for the event, told through social media posts, can be found here.