If you are interested in hiring any of the Peace Centre’s facilities or have any further questions to ask, please get in contact with the relevant team member as shown below:

Conference Hire and Team Building: Wendy Parry – email: wendy.parry@foundation4peace.org, or telephone: 01925 581234

Room Hire and Peace Centre Manager: Karen McManus – email: karen.mcmanus@foundation4peace.org, or telephone: 01925581 238

Residential Hire: Anne Bateson – email: anne.bateson@foundation4peace.org, or telephone: 01925 581242

Finding the Peace Centre 

The Peace Centre is ideally situated within a mile of Warrington town centre. Warrington itself has two railway stations, is minutes away from major motorways and is a 30 minute drive from both Liverpool and Manchester, making it easily accessible by both public transport and car.