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Celebration THINK event July 2016

July 25, 2016 | Nick Taylor

Celebration THINK Event July 2016

Monday marked a special day for the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace.

Over 90 Think project participants came together to celebrate their achievements from the past year.

Each participant was presented with a certificate from both Foundation trustee Graham Foulkes and supporter Lisa French.

They received their certificates with pride and certainly enjoyed their moment of applause and celebration!

After sharing food in the Peace Garden, the young people  enjoyed getting to know fellow participants and fully took advantage of the zip wire! The day continued with a Peace Award Ceremony with eight people receiving special awards such as the ‘Critical Thinking Award’, ‘Conflict Resolution Award’ and the ‘Tim Parry Award’.

The event was closed beautifully by Remsha reading her poem.

Who am I? I’m not like them!

Who are they? They are not like me!

You and I are different. You and I will never make ‘we’.


Who am I? I am living; I feel the air pass through my singing lungs and the blood dance around my body.

Who are they? They are human, beautifully performing the same routine.

You and I make we. Make pebbles that will ripple through the lakes of eternity.

Make new perspectives when faced with the burning fire of rage.

We create; multiply droplets of rain when water is scarce.

When the earth around us is cracked and the branches are bare. It is we; it is our unity that will grace the earth with silver and platinum.

Each day people categorise, assume and react; we should explore understand and then act.

Be the dolphin not the shark, be the flicker of light when all is dark.

Who am I? I am human.

Who are they? They too are human.

Why can’t humanity, humility unite us? Why can’t mutual understanding sustain us?

Let peace fuel these outcomes.

Aid the outcomes to enable peace.

Foundation Trustee Johnathan Ford commented: “I was incredibly impressed by the young people there and found the readings very moving. At a time when there are so many awful things happening in the world we can have a lot more hope if young people are like those in the room today”.