The Foundation worked with a single identity group from Leeds who had been involved in anti-social behaviour in their community. The programme saw a group of young men participate in a four day long programme exploring issues of conflict in their community. 

During the four day programme, the group spent time exploring their own conflicts and considering their roles within that. They developed an understanding of a needs based approach to conflict through workshops, and spent time identifying useful conflict indicators through the dialogue and discussion that followed. Games and play were used to develop a greater understanding of behaviour and to explore problem solving strategies. Developing effective communication strategies by practicing and walking through simulations, participants were able to increase their confidence in implementing some alternatives to the approaches they would ordinarily take to managing situations of tension. The programme was designed not only to challenge attitudes and perceptions but also to encourage a shift in behaviour and responses to situations.

The programme was effective in challenging participants and taking them out of their comfort zone. Self reflection and dialogue features centrally to these programmes enabling participants to consider their own roles in conflict and how they might ‘try something different’.