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Building a coalition of voices for good relations in England

February 13, 2014 | Nick Taylor

Talk For A Change and International Alert ran a project in 2013 called ‘Building a coalition of voice for good relations in England.’  They  commissioned the Foundation for Peace as a host in Warrington and Cheshire and an event took place in July 2013.

Progress Report

At the beginning of 2013 Talk for A Change and International Alert received funding from Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and Oxfam to build a coalition of voices and influence for good relations work, i.e. work which aims to build more resilient, cohesive and peaceful communities.

The funding enabled them to work in partnership with locally rooted organisations to host a programme of events across England.  The Foundation for peace was selected to work with them in Warrington and Cheshire.

They ran 11 local events in total. Altogether they had 358 people attending and 235 organisations represented from across the public, third, voluntary and community sectors.

Each event focused on five main questions or themes, and short reports were produced and circulated to attendees.

Events took place in: Stockwell, Slough, Newham, Warrington and Cheshire, East of England, Manchester and Bristol.

Next Steps

You can read the local report from Warrington and Cheshire by clicking the link here.

Talk For A Change and International Alert are working on an overall final report to be published in early March 2014, discussing their key findings.

They are also collating case studies of work that strengthens local good relations highlighted at the local events for inclusion in the final report.

They are planning a couple of launch events for the report – more details to follow shortly – watch this space.

 If you want to find more about the event held at the Peace Centre click here