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As BBC screens drama featuring a re-creation of an IRA bombing the Foundation offers assistance to people affected

May 22, 2014 | Nick Taylor

Almost 18 years ago on 15th June the IRA detonated a bomb in central Manchester as police were clearing hundreds of people visiting the city on a busy Saturday.

Two hundred people were injured in the explosion, many suffering from wounds which required surgery. Many thousands were affected by the incident.

This evening (22nd May), the BBC will screen a new drama that features a re-creation of the Manchester bombing, filmed last year in the Northern Quarter of the city. From There To Here, which begins on Thursday 22nd May, stars Philip Glenister as a man who escapes unscathed from the blast – but finds his personal life wrenched in an unexpected direction as a result.

The flagship drama is likely to bring back memories of the Manchester bombing and the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball for Peace is available to assist anyone affected by the incident who feels they may want to contact them.

Jo Dover, who is a specialist working with victims and survivors of terrorism and political violence, said: “Victims of terrorism have experiences that often stay with them for their lifetime and the slightest reminder can affect them very deeply.

“They may need special assistance to take particular account of their needs.

“Survivors for Peace is a project that assists 500 people who are either victims, survivors or affected by incidents like that in Manchester. Anyone who feels affected by the Manchester bombing can contact us for a confidential discussion to see how we can assist.”

The Foundation for Peace is the only organisation in Great Britain that works to prevent, resolve and respond to violent conflict such as terrorism and political violence including the legacy of ‘the Troubles.’ The Foundation’s project, Survivors for Peace, works with victims, survivors and those affected and is funded by the Office for Civil Society. Please contact 01925 581236 in office hours or e-mail or use the Contact Us page and we will contact people for a confidential chat.

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