Neil Clough

Apprentice star supports funding bid for Warrington Peace Programme

February 24, 2014 | Nick Taylor

Former Apprentice star, Neil Clough, has stepped in to support a unique programme helping terror attack victims which is under threat after the cessation of Lottery funding.

The £150,000 annual cost for the Survivors for Peace project, which has been run from the Peace Centre in Warrington for the last 12 years, was previously funded by the Big Lottery, but has now finished.

A plea by Foundation for Peace charity founder Colin Parry directly to the Prime Minister has been rejected and, unless the cash can be raised from other sources, the scheme supporting thousands of victims and their families, will close in April this year.

Neil, who reached the finals of last year’s Apprentice was born in Warrington and has just been appointed a patron of Foundation for Peace.

The charity was founded almost 19 years ago by Colin and Wendy Parry following the Warrington bombing in 1993 that killed their 12-year-old son, Tim, and three-year-old Jonathan Ball.

“I was the same age as Tim and I could have been in Warrington Town Centre the day that bomb went off. This is a charity close to my heart and I’m delighted that I’ve been asked to become a patron,” said Neil.

Neil, a former semi-professional footballer, is taking on the “Gael Force Challenge” in Ireland to raise money for the charity. He added: “The work the charity carries out to support victims and their families is vital and I will do all in my power to highlight the funding issue and raise as much money as I can.”

Founder of the charity, Colin Parry, says he’s thrilled to have Neil on board: “We’re very pleased to welcome Neil to the charity and value his support in raising this funding issue.”

The charity has launched a public appeal and says the programme represents very good value for money by directing those affected by terrorism and political violence away from health, social and welfare services.

Nick Taylor, Chief Executive of the Foundation for Peace, said: “The charity’s biggest number of referrals is coming from the 7/7 attacks nine years ago. Many victims are still suffering the physical and psychological impact.”

Background information: The charity was founded nearly 19 years ago by Colin and Wendy Parry following the Warrington bombing that killed their son 12-year-old Tim Parry and three-year-old Jonathan Ball. In the early days the charity delivered two programmes, in Johnathan and Tim’s memory, about fostering understanding between young people in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. The dream to create a ‘living memorial’ was realised in 2000 with the creation of the international Peace Centre.

Neil Clough became a patron of the charity this month (February) and is committed to raising the profile of the work they carry out and to help with fundraising.

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