ALL THE BEST – How you can help promote #PEACE this #CHRISTMAS – and it won’t cost a penny!

November 7, 2015 | Nick Taylor

#Christmas is our most celebrated public holiday, a time of festivities, a time when we exchange gifts and a time when we pass on our best wishes, reflect on the year that was and look to the year ahead.

It is hardly surprising that the word ‘#peace’ is uppermost in our thoughts.  #Peace and ‘goodwill’ are words that are often written on our cards, heard in traditional carols or spoken to each other.  But, whilst words are fine, if we are to achieve #peace, then we need to take action.

That is why the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace is launching a #Christmas appeal – an appeal for funds to go directly to fund actions that can and will bring about #peace.  In the coming weeks, we are going to tell you about three things that you can do to help.

The first way we are going to ask you to help could raise valuable charitable funds and, best of all, it won’t cost you a penny.

The seasonal giving of gifts is a huge part of #Christmas and so it makes the next few weeks one of the busiest and lucrative for retailers.  This week, many of the stores and brands are launching their #Christmas campaigns to persuade you to buy your presents, gifts, food and drink from them.  The most anticipated has been the John Lewis television advertisement and their ‘man on the moon’ has really captured the imagination.  Many other brands are launching their campaigns:  Aldi’s new TV campaign ‘all your favourite things’ captures the magic of the period and Argos has been more direct and said that you should ‘get ready for Advent.’

But, perhaps most interesting is the M&S advert that is targeting ‘digital savvy’ customers who this year are expected to make their purchases using smart devices such as phones, tablets and their home computers.  A vast amount of shopping this #Christmas will be done over social media and the internet.  And, this is where you come in…

This year, we have partnered with all the major UK brands so that every purchase you make online will attract a donation to the cause of #peace.  And, it won’t cost you a penny.  You will still pay the same price for your purchase.  There are no hidden charges, no supplements and the retailer meet all the costs – they give us the donation.

Retailers who have agreed to donate include all the big brands: Amazon, M&S, John Lewis, Argos, Waitress, Boots, Travelodge, the Trainline, Virgin, ASOS, PC World, Currys, e-bay, FlyBe, Tesco, Expedia, Waterstones and onwards covering everything from home and garden to utilities to insurance.  Every purchase you make online can make a difference.

CONVINCED – Click here to register

Donations vary but can be anything from 1% to 2.5% of what you pay.  Put simply you spend £10 – we get 10p.  You pay £100 we get £1.  And, there is even better news – we get the money at the end of the month in which you make the purchase.  That means it goes straight into supporting our work. Click here to see what we plan to do with your donations.

There is just one thing you have to do, and that is agree to register online with an e-mail address and a password.  And if, you agree, then you can GIFT AID your donation by providing your address – making your donation even more valuable to us.  You can download an additional button onto your internet browser or an application on your smart device.  Then, every time you shop, you select the donation button – and that is it.  The donation will be made as soon as you pay and you will receive confirmation and from time to time an e-mail telling you how much has been raised and how much you have raised.

REGISTER ONLINE – Click here to register

And it isn’t just when you purchase gifts, food or drink.  If you are travelling anywhere by plane, train or staying in hotels or lodges or booking a holiday; then you can donate every time.  And, #peace is not just for #Christmas – so you can continue doing this into 2016 and beyond.

So, here is our first appeal this #Christmas.  Please help us whilst you shop by registering and starting to donate BUT please tell all your friends, colleagues, family and please help spread the word and let us create real #peace and goodwill at #Christmas time.  We are fully aware that many charities will ask you for donations this #Christmas, but this is a way that you can actually give, and spread #peace and it won’t cost you a penny.

PLEASE HELP US – Click here to register

There is no more important cause than #peace so please help us fund our vital work and as we say at this time of the year ‘all the best.’

ALL THE BEST – the Foundation for Peace Christmas Campaign

Our campaign this year offers three easy opportunities to support us:

1 – help us give every time you make an online purchase – register now
2 – find out how an art installation of ceramic doves, the bird of peace, will help the Foundation – we will tell you more on 10th November
3 – all those loose coins in your pocket, purse and wallets – why not CHANGE the world and FILL a JAR for PEACE – watch this space

Find out more over the coming weeks.