7/7 Memorial Lecture, 2013 – Ian Blair ‘The Legacy of July 2005’

July 1, 2013 | Nick Taylor

Today (1st July) the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation will be alongside the 7/7 Memorial Trust as the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian, Lord Blair of Boughton delivers this year’s 7/7 Memorial Lecture at The Great Hall, British Medical Association in Tavistock Square.

Lord Blair was the officer commanding the Metropolitan Police on that day and the weeks and months that followed. As well as paying tribute to the victims of the atrocity of 7/7, he will reflect on all of the events of that bitter summer, on its heroes and villains and the responses of the public, of commentators, politicians and the police. He will seek to explore the lessons learned, and give his views on what was done right and wrong and what we will do differently now as a result.

” I am honoured to be asked to follow the excellent presentation given last year by Helena Kennedy and hope that I can live up to her faultless delivery.

“Perhaps the best summary of what I intend to say would be to ask whether the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was right to say in August 2005 that ‘the rules of the game have changed’? Did they? Have they stayed changed? Are they right now?”

The lecture series was conceived to provide a lasting positive remembrance to those who lost their lives across the four sites, and to the survivors and witnesses and the emergency services. It addresses themes of humanity, tolerance and the human cost of conflict, with the invited speakers specifically chosen for their authority, experience and activity in these fields.

The inaugural lecture was delivered by Helena Kennedy QC, Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws in July 2012.

The 7/7 Memorial Trust was established in 2012 with the support of the 7/7 community to campaign for and secure a new 7/7 memorial in Tavistock Square, the site closely associated with the events of that day and to provide a positive remembrance in the form of an annual lecture.